Introducing Wargaming Wednesdays!
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Introducing: Wargaming Wednesdays!
We are excited to announce the introduction of Wargaming Wednesdays, a weekly casual event. Many of you have been recently asked for more midweek events in the recent quarterly census; we have previously had Warrior Wednesdays, a PVP event, however we hope this new event will bring a larger variety of casual/fun missions and increase player agency. This should bring together the unit during the week and provide missions/events that don't require SOP's to be utilised. The event will have two two timings so we can cater for European and American players. Everyone is welcome to attend both, or whichever time suits them! 

 1500 - 1800 ET (2000 - 2300 GMT)
American: 2000 - 2300 ET

Whether the event is a PVP, COOP, Liberation, Antistasi or Patrol Operation, anything goes and we hope this will enable us to utilise our casual server more frequently, so you can expect a wide variety of unique gaming options! At the end of each Wednesday event, a new NCO will be selected to run the next week's event, and we will have a form that will go out for people to suggest event ideas every month

The first Wednesday Event will be next week, on 09 October 2019.
Everyone is welcome, so bring your friends; see you on the field!
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