A notice of discharge
Hello all

To those whom may be wondering as to my sudden dissapearance, the following message.

Due to various reasons known to C-Staff, OPFOR cell will be suspended per their decision and they will be taking up the role of OPFOR.
What this means, as I cannot attend full operations due to an early leave, I have filed my resignation from 4thID
As is custom, this also is why I no longer have acces to the 4thID discord.
Albeit a short and hectic time with the 4thID and ofcourse with that, many disagreements and agreements both.
It is a time I will remember and that I will miss, despite the chaos and stress I had as an OPFOR member during our operations

With that said, I wish you all the best and hope you all will remain to enjoy the operations with C-Staff fulfilling the role of OPFOR

With regards
J. Thorn
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