28 August '22 Screenshot Thread
Screenshots here.
[Image: V.Hyvarinen.png]

[Image: G0kvLSO.png][Image: gmZuBhU.jpg][Image: TbimcaV.jpg][Image: BIZlnKW.jpg][Image: SjvNZoh.jpg][Image: IIFBFTN.jpg][Image: ake4KyG.jpg]
[Image: Z.Mora.png]

[Image: 8Jmgnpr.jpg][Image: SCNJfIw.jpg][Image: 1cVeUa8.jpg][Image: wzH1KiW.jpg][Image: LSqjr2D.jpg][Image: IIZUzur.jpg][Image: HvVVVZZ.jpg][Image: MYgrk11.jpg]
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[Image: V.Hyvarinen.png]

[Image: dhhH489.jpg]‌‌[Image: OIWu6Nu.jpg][Image: q5BNYug.jpg][Image: cP9SpkV.jpg]
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[Image: A.Paryatak .png]

[Image: eiYiCuF.jpg][Image: yoVrwiU.jpg][Image: vFdQvDd.jpg][Image: 8IJKiJK.jpg][Image: solaedX.jpg][Image: cRTn10Y.jpg]
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[Image: M.Vinuesa.png]

"I was inverted" - Lafontaine

[Image: i6V4NK7.jpg]
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[Image: C.Bolitho.png]

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