The but... game
bacoon you've not meant to reply to the reply directed at your reply if that makes sense

Granted but it tastes like a chiwawaws puke 
I wished that there were more good movies on Netflix

[Image: ACSszfHdQFVMrcPTmaYlB7qFCFb9kHFBB7rfb-gk...ff-rj-k-no]

Granted... but all of them are Animes. (Really no downside amirite LT?)

I wish I had a two-trick Pony

Granted, but one of the tricks dont work

I wish I could fly.
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[Image: J.Keyes.png]

granted but it has a random countdown timer what cant see
i wished water tasted like a rainbow

Granted, but the fish still have sex in it.

I wish privates didn't ask stupid questions at the end of final formation...
[Image: M.Benitez.png]

Granted, but they half of them accidentally throws frags because they don't have it set to "double g". 
I wish markovski could make PFC.
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[Image: Y.Schmidt.png]

Granted, but he barely makes it in 3 months and becomes a unit-wide meme.

I wish Markovski could make SPC today... (i might be wishing for too much)
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[Image: V.Markovski.png]

Granted; but he stays as a SPC for the rest of time.
speaking of permanant specialists...
I wish my 12 year old Lebonese boi (Bitar) would come back to me.

granted but you need to watch him fuck his goat everyday

i wish i had some authority as a SPC
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