The but... game
So how does this game work someone makes a wish and you grant it but make it have a nasty side effect 


P.Farrimond - I wish I had 100 chocolate cakes 
T.Ellman - Granted but, the cake batter is mixed with feet, I wish for Sgt Giordano to be a better driver
P.Farrimond - Granted but,........., I wish ............

Right you get the point ill start

I wish I had 20 pilots.
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... but, there all former brawlers and only fly with an advanced flight model despite the fact they are incapable of doing so.

I wish I had a job
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...But you work as Bee's personal male prostitute.

I wish Bee was actually dishonorably discharged

...But she gets un-blacklisted from here and enlists.

I wish our lieutenant wasn't a weeb
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...But turns into a Bronie

I wish I could get out of my country.
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[Image: N.Saayman.png]

... But you land in Afganistan

I wish I had a robotic hand
[Image: B.Hansen.png]

Granted but its made of milk bottles and is useless
 I wished this game was more popular

...But Uno will always be better

I wish for the superpower to read minds
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[Image: N.Saayman.png]

Granted but... the only minds that you could read are patients of in a insane asylum

I wish I lived in the 1000's
[Image: B.Hansen.png]

Granted. But you were born a woman.

I wish i was one inch taller.
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