The but... game
Granted, But you lose 3 inches from your penis.
I wished India wasn't a superpower.

Granted but... They now have plenty of nukes and become a "Nuclear Power".

I wish I were hung like a Donkey.

no racism 
don't reply to your own thing 
no talking about suicide or wishing for members to die

Granted... But you can only have intercourse with donkeys

I wish i had a pet bee (Not 3rd id bee but like a literal honey bee)

Granted... but the only command it can fulfill is stinging you.

I wish I wasn't the only person who named objectives after historical figures.

Granted, but they are all after Ugandan political figures.

I wish that we had a second platoon.

granted, but you are banned from posting on this game
I wished o Neill would stop changing his thing

Granted... but he changes it back to something that actually sastifies my original wish. 

I wish CW3 P.Farrimond would use the format everyone else does when replying in this thread.

Granted... But he now takes the callsign of "Rub" and anyone whos in a wing with him goes by Rub too (Rub-2 "Rub-1 this is Rub-2 comms check over" Rub-1 "Clear copy" Rub-1 "Rub-1 out")

I wish i could fly as fast as a unladen swallow

Granted... But now your mother is a hamster and your father smells of elderberries.

I wish I could mark "Apache Helicopter" as my gender on official forms...
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