The but... game
Granted, but it is just a remaster of ArmA: Cold War Assault.

I wish we could stay number 1 on clanlist.
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Granted... but it's only by the means of vpns and other shady ways to vote.

I wish we had a plan to get rid of Johnson

Granted, but you make a shit trello that does nothing to help make your unit better.

I wish we were a battalion and Hermanson was an LTC.

Granted, but the CSM is in Hermanson head.

I wish google would stop being an evil company.
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Granted but they are taken over by green peace and their servers are powered bicycle power and they have tons of server outages 
I wish the weather was cold and rainy again

Granted... but its acid rain and the cold causes riots and the rioters set more fires.

I wish I lived in more enlightened times. (Not sure if anyone will get the reference.)

Granted, but it's 1943 Nazi Germany and your openly gay.

I wish I Paramarines would stop botting clanlist
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Granted... But 3rdid starts botting clanlist.

I wish szechuan sauce would come back forever.

Granted ... But it tastes like asparagus.

I wish for the Kaiserreich to come back.
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Granted but they become Nazis in two years.

I wish it didn't taste like asparagus.

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